Octopus Blue

Octopus Blue help your small business to optimise your processes and software, enabling you to operate in the most time efficient and cost effective way.

Octopus Blue are uniquely independent, whole of market, business software experts. Our experienced consultants will implement and configure your entire software stack, empowering you to laser focus on what you do best.

Octopus Blue. The business software experts.

Andy Bailey | Founder & CEO

Andy is continually motivated to grow, become more efficient and learn new skills leading to a lifelong love of technology and self-improvement. With seven years experience with all aspects of accountancy practice and ten working on IT projects and software development, he offers a unique perspective on designing market-leading software for professionals. Andy delivers original solutions to requirements, focused on unlocking value to business software suppliers and their customers.

• Business Software
• Accountancy, Tax, Bookkeeping and Payroll Processes
• Management Consultancy
• Executive and Leadership Mentoring
• Cloud/ SaaS Technology

Hereford born and bred, Andy now lives in Penarth near Cardiff where I can look out to the sea from my office. I love spending time with my kids, my girlfriend and her daughter – nothing beats small happy faces playing in the park! In the few spare minutes I have to myself I enjoy photography, playing video games and sampling craft ale. Occasionally all at the same time.

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