On 15th March 2017, I was invited to Murray Pullin’s Making Accountants Digital event at the TecHub Swansea, where I witnessed the first demo of his new invoicing app, Nomoshobo (https://nomoshobo.com).

Making Accountants Digital

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Murray, Founder and CEO of Nomoshobo, opened by asking the audience of around 25 accountants how they currently manage their client’s bookkeeping.  Most of the room have clients who are paper based or use Excel, with two-thirds also having clients using cloud solutions.  Only two used online communication or storage solutions to manage their clients.

Asked how they rate their client’s ability to manage their finances online, there were zero votes for 4 or 5 stars, six for 3 stars with the rest of the room split evenly between 1 and 2 stars.  Murray’s research has found that the average rating is 1.8, a number which I found shockingly low!  And deeply worrying with Making Tax Digital fast approaching…

The final question was how many apps do you use.  Only six accountants said they use more than one.  Murray observed that those who used more apps themselves were likely to rate their clients higher.


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Murray’s solution to this problem is Nomoshobo (No More Shoe Boxes). As a former ‘digital’ accountant, Nomoshobo is built with an accountant frame of mind.  While the app will be used primarily by small business owners, it’s written from the perspective of an accountant, seeking to minimise the errors that clients make.

Further research was quoted which said that 95% of clients keep on top of sales invoices, but only 70% expenses.

Murray showed the beta version of Nomoshobo integrating with IRIS OpenSpace and Kashflow.  There are plans to add all Xero, QuickBooks, SageOne and Exact in due course.

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After logging in – and giving the top tip of adding the login page to your own website to increase your ‘Google Juice’ (or SEO/page ranking as the rest of us would call it!) – Murray showed client setup and data transfer to Nomoshobo.

A photo of a receipt was uploaded to Nomoshobo and then an expense record was created.  It all looked very simple.  Around the room, roughly a third of the accountants currently do this type of processing, a third is done by bookkeepers and a third by the client themselves.

Finally, the data was transferred to Kashlfow for the accountant to complete the record keeping and match with the bank record.


Nomoshobo is an interesting take on an age-old problem; how do accountants motivate small business owners to keep on top of their bookkeeping?  Nomoshobo has a good clean user interface and from the demo, seemed simple to use.

There are dozens of invoicing and expense apps on the market already, with even more coming to meet the demands of Making Tax Digital.  Murray has ambitious plans for Nomoshobo and it will be interesting to see how it fairs. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it to try it out for myself.

If you’re interested to find out more for yourself, you can sign up to the launch list for Nomoshobo at https://nomoshobo.com.

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