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The Panintelligence Partner Day on the 6th July saw Andy Bailey and myself at the Village Hotel in Nottingham for what was to be an enjoyable, informative and interesting day with the Business Intelligence specialists.

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Following coffee, conversation and networking with other partners and Panintelligence staff, we settled down while Zandra Moore, Sales & Marketing Director, launched the day with a warm welcome & introduction. She explained how they split out from Pancredit following a management buyout 3 years ago and having originally worked solely with banks and financial institutions, security is at the heart of everything they do.

For me, the highlights of a packed day included:

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Gavin Fell, MD of Exact took to the stage to introduce his Company (for those not already familiar), explaining how as a Dutch company they launched into the UK 2 ½ years ago, targeting verticals such as manufacturing as well as their core accounting solutions. Since partnering with Panintelligence they have been awarded the accolade of “App Partner of the Year”.

Octopus Blue are an Exact partner and our founder Andy Bailey spent some time with them in the role of Product Manager.

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Next up, Sue Daley from techUK a trade association for UK Tech companies delivered a fascinating presentation on Big Data and Analytics, describing how important data analytics is for productivity, job creation and economic growth in the UK. By using BI tools for the better use of data, we can deliver value across every sector. She highlighted the digital skills shortage in the UK and how it is losing about £2bn per year and demonstrated Big Data in action with a visualisation of Strava Metro Data for the City of Bath.

Since the event, Octopus Blue have also joined techUK as Tech Start Up members.

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Ian Mann CEO with cyber security experts, ECSC gave us an insight into hacking; who, why and what they are looking for; including nuggets such as “why the prevalence at weekends and bank holidays?” because “defences are low” or the hackers are “not at school”!

He explained how the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which replaces the Data Protection Act and comes into effect May 2018 will require businesses to be fully compliant with their data security. Preventative measures and secure technologies for accessing and sharing data are of critical importance.

Thought provoking and probably a real wake up call for many organisations who simply cannot afford to bury their heads in the sand.

“The controller shall be able to demonstrate that the data subject has consented to processing of his or her personal data.” Article 7(1)

“Maximum fines to be the HIGHER of 20m Euros or 4% of total worldwide turnover.” Article 83

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Back to Panintelligence and Product Director Ken Miller showed off their new HTML5 edit chart screen which is currently in Alpha. All the delegates enjoyed trying it out on tablets and experiencing how easy it is to build charts from scratch.

Even Andy and I managed to put together several Dashboard components in just a few minutes!

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Ken talked passionately about subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, sensors feeding data, the Internet of Things (even their office fish tank populates a dashboard with statistics!) and finally Tesla cars, with a YouTube clip. Andy and I already knew what to expect having chatted with Ken in the hotel bar the previous evening!

A short video showed how Clint Milnes, Head of change management at Winn Solicitors had revolutionised their reporting and visibility with Panintelligence BI.

All in all, it was a fantastic day which struck the perfect balance between informing on Panintelligence’s BI tools with useful industry wide information and insight.

A big thank you to the Panintelligence Team for having us!

Training Day!

The following week I visited Panintelligence’s head office in Leeds for a BI Dashboard training day. This gave me the welcome opportunity to get properly hands on with both their current and new HTML analytics tools and to meet with members of their staff that I hadn’t previously… and obviously discuss Tesla with Ken again; I think he may have over talked the connected fish tank a little, however!
As a result, I am pleased to say that Octopus Blue are now a fully accredited Panintelligence Business Partner and we look forward to working together.

We hope that Panintelligence will be joining us on our stand at upcoming trade shows later in the year. Watch this space…

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