Summer is by far my favourite season and as much as I hate to say it, it is on its way out, meaning it is time to give my wardrobe a facelift to include plenty of winter woollies and layers.

Occasionally we can all use a revamp an overhaul, an upgrade or a little restoration. Whatever you like to call it, change is good, and it doesn’t necessarily mean doing things massively differently. Sometimes making one small change can alter the way you work, meaning you could be saving time AND money. And if we do it for ourselves, then why not do it for your business?

Here are a few points for you to think about if you are wondering how to help your business develop



Perhaps one of the most important ways of helping your business grow is to Network, Network, Network…especially if, like us you are a new business. Reach out to local and national companies, join networking companies and attend as many events as you can. Many people find that online networking is better for them, not to mention reaching way more people. It is one thing that can be forgotten when you are so stuck in what you are doing but let’s not forget that it can facilitate you in finding partners, customers and new staff!


Are you marketing to the right people? Consider whether your current and future customers are being properly informed about what exactly you do. Following on from Networking, try to build half an hour into your daily routine for online marketing with the help of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will find this is well worth the time taken and will soon become part of your daily routine without you even realising.

Differentiate from others


Make yourself known for being a bit different. Dare not to be the same as everyone else and make your business stand out from the competition. Make everything you do, memorable and credible. Look for a gap in the market and target it, by specialising in a niche market you can focus your expertise on benefitting your customers in the best way possible. Also, make yourself known as the expert in your field and don’t forget that once you have outlined and are able to demonstrate your expertise, be sure to incorporate it into all your communications, whichever method you use.

Create Partnerships

It’s hard being the ‘new kid on the block’, this is particularly true when starting out in a new business. Don’t make the mistake of partnering with just about everyone though, be picky, and choose partner brands with whom you believe in and whose values are similar to yours. Having key questions to ask each potential partner can be essential, such as ‘how do you see us working together?’. If you don’t think it is going anywhere, don’t waste time and move on. Keep in mind that when you partner with another brand, they become an extension of your business.

Start a newsletter


Having only written one newsletter so far for Octopus Blue, this is an area I’m yet to explore in more depth. Our next one however, is out at the beginning of September, so watch this space.

Newsletters are one of the least expensive and most effective tools for drawing attention to a business. By sending out a quality and informative newsletter on a regular basis you can keep all your customers and many other sources updated about your business.

Email is best used for communicating with present customers and contacts. Build an in-house email list of subscribers who opt in using a good CRM system. We use Hubspot which allows us to track how many people read our articles (amongst many other features), helping us to know where we are doing well, and occasionally not so well!

Octopus Blue Can Help

So, how can we help you give your business a bit of a helping hand?

Octopus Blue help your business to optimise your processes and software, enabling you to operate in the most time efficient and cost effective way.

Octopus Blue are uniquely independent, whole of market, business software experts. Our experienced consultants will implement and configure your entire software stack, empowering you to laser focus on what you do best.

Octopus Blue. The Business Software Experts.

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